Giving up Clutter for Minimalism

1879. Will Rogers“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”

After just viewing the documentary on the “Minimalists”, this film struck a chord. How so? you might ask.  Personally as a Professional Organizer, who walks into cluttered homes everyday, it has had a profound effect on me after 13yrs. I was always quite organized, and like most women I liked to window shop or go on occasional buying sprees .Yet the impact of working in these crowded spaces, with tagged merchandise overflowing, left me with No desire to shop.  At the end of work days, being mesmerized as I  recounted the quantity of  stuff , mostly new and still in bags. Having no judgment, but feeling relieved to walk into my cozy peaceful home.

I also recall a time when I rented out my spare bedroom years ago. It was an empty room with no furniture. The man who rented the place was a minimalist,  He showed up ONLY with his rolled up yoga bedding and a bag. He had given away all his other belongings and was happy as a clam.

I can totally relate to the minimalist movement,  of downsizing to what you need and can carry on your back. People living in tiny spaces, (400 sq ft or less) trailers or homey cubicles, they call home!  Or some version that suggests minimalism.

The documentary speaks to the slowly changing definition of the American dream . the dream of acquiring, and accumulating, and desiring huge homes with multiple garages and obtaining storage lockers. I see this as a positive change for human mankind. This change of defeating the media, the advertising gimmicks with subliminal messages, to keep acquiring what you don’t need but think you do. Consumerism- For some it fills an emotional hole or well that needs filling. We have willingly been the guinea pigs.  Totally self defeating and false. Although with self care ,self love and appreciation for the things we take for granted- real happiness can exist. True content and peace come from within not from the external. From an energetic standpoint, the stuff zaps the energy of the space and all that inhabit there.  Not only do you spend your money needlessly, searching for that ” feel good” feeling, your valuable time, you end up financially /emotionally/ and physically bankrupt.!!!  Literally speaking.

This new movement and trend is slowly growing and catching on in mainstream America. I see our future transforming and future generations living differently. With consumerism changing long term, the outcome will leave a greener environment. Resulting in more conscientious people sharing memories & time together in community.

1954. Sandra Cisneros. “ I’ve been put on the planet to serve humanity. I have to remind myself to live simply and not overindulge, which is a constant battle in a material world.”



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Closets Out of Control- Phase 2

PHASE 2   Closets Out Of Control

It’s not all about your current habits,

your shopping extravaganzas,

Or Clutter control

In Order to have success with what was accomplished with a Professional Organizer, I suggest this-

Getting on a maintenance program with set times for visits to keep what was done in place. The energy in the space will feel lighter and energize you, now that the clutter is gone. Next, looking inward, getting in touch with whats out of kilter in your life. Essentially, Clearing clutter on all levels. The physical, mental, and emotional. Assess yourself, look at your patterns and look at why you have all this Stuff.

Most importantly, looking beneath the surface, to transform what is silently debilitating you. Seeking professional help, would be advised if this soul searching is too painful or confrontive . Your living space reflects your innermost self. The inner turbulence manifests as Disorganization . It creates a barricade around you , a false safety net from the issues, emotions ,memories, and negative behaviors.  Outwardly, what exists can be disorganized areas, compulsive shopping, unsettled feelings, avoidance, procrastination, perfectionism, and more.  What’s really going on here? Seeking professional help, would be advised if this soul searching is too painful or confrontive  Most likely, your energy is zapped and your creative juices may have stopped!

If you do the inquiry on your own, the list of questions can ignite your journey towards freedom, this is a starting point.

  1. What is your inner critic screaming in your head?
  2.  Can you identify what limiting beliefs are actually running the show here?
  3.  Are you assuming that any past attempts are going to fail Again?
  4.  What emotions are you experiencing with this inquiry?
  5.  WHAT STORY ARE YOU LIVING AS  TRUE, that has you allowing yourself to be burdened with all this STUFF?

NEXT STEP-    Forgive yourself, Forgive Yourself, Forgive Yourself!!!

Again and Again

until you no longer feel any of those catabolic feelings. You have let go of all these disempowering stories and have awareness . You see the connection to what was churning deep inside and what was manifesting as disorganization and clutter.                   CONGRATULATE YOURSELF NOW

Congratulate Yourself for all your hard work and efforts ,and commitment to a new future you are creating today!

You have now made Peace with yourself.  Now engage in new thoughts that light you up. You may want to hire a coach who will champion you and assist you in moving forward (like myself) to support your progress.

You have started a new chapter in your life. Have a buddy or a professional to watch your back!!

“Where do we grow from here”                                                                                                                     Bruce D Schneider

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Could This Be You?

You love to shop

You get a thrill purchasing items

Your closet is out of control

You feel ashamed at what you’re doing

You get sloppy with your belongings,

You are embarrassed to let anyone see what you’ve done

This isn’t who you are or how you have lived before

Then 1 day…………

You have a realization,    You want help,  You want your place in order , You want to be in control!!

BUT, With much SHAME,   You proceed to Call a Professional Organizer,( Although you are nervous, filled with anxiety and awaiting your scheduled work session.)

That would be me!   So the story goes like this- This person has a breakthrough in not only taking action but accomplishing all and more than she set out to do. Phase  1 completed. Purging and re-organizing the bedroom closet. Ending up with less , having everything accessible,and functional. Lastly, being aware of what you own. With a  sense of accomplishment, being energized , motivated and now courageous.

This story mirrors many of us out there, you are not alone. Having the courage to move forward in a new way at any given moment regardless of the inner critic’s voice,  feelings of failure, despair, or shame. It’s all about listening to yourself and acknowledging the discomfort. Then reaching out for support, and taking baby steps.

Anything is possible,

You Can Do It,

You aren’t Alone.

Professional Organizers are out there, waiting to be contacted- to make a difference in your life!

Life happens every moment, make this moment count. Follow your gut, and step beyond your barriers. Free yourself  TODAY and live peacefully in your living space.


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How Does A Professional Organizer & SelfcareCoach Affect Change

Being a Prof.Organizer and a Certified Core Energy Coach allows me to transform people’s lives in a multitude of ways.  The physical world of a person’s home, environment, and private spaces get engaged with the task of organization.  Certain behaviors, and patterns will  create physical clutter, which turns into chaos when unattended to. What lies beneath this clutter is usually disappointments, hurt, unfilled expectations and an overactive monkeymind! When working with a Prof. organizer, you start addressing the the top layer of the stuff. Literally! Once the clutter is gone, energy in the space flows freely, and a person’s outlook is uplifted and a sense of peace and calm surfaces.

This is actually an integral part of Selfcare! So , naturally a Selfcare Coach would then step in to have you start to work on the layers of self that have also been neglected. The neglect is the result of the cluttered layers unseen.   The work helps to uncover the “authentic self” that has been deactivated. The authentic self is who you are at the core of your being. When you start believing  all the stories, criticism,or negative chatter you slowly start to lose “You”. They can take hold of your mind, You give them power and there goes the authentic self. Once you have awareness and a desire, then you’re on the road to discover your greatness! With a Certified Coach on your team, anything is possible, especially transformation from the inside out!

The end result is, the  Selfcare facilitates the renewal of your Spirit

Go for it, if not now, when?

Call Carole-   I welcome the opportunity to make a difference in your life!


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2016 Intentions for a Clutter Free Life

Happy New Year to all !


How do I want it to be?  You may be asking yourself that, or have already set new intentions !

Instead of looking at what you haven’t done, Let’s look at the nice clean slate. You are the artist with a empty canvas and all the possibilities lie within your reach.

First, Make the time Now to see what you want to envision for yourself.

1.What are the first thoughts or ideas that come to you?

2.Write down what excites you,lights you up, or feel passionate about.

3. What have you accomplished as if it was the eve of 2017!

Great,  Now look around you, at your living space. Or are you feeling like you’re thinking isn’t clear, or you feel an emotion that is overwhelming you? This could be a result of Clutter.


FYI-  You may have Clutter in your life, that distracts you or has  immobilized you

Some examples listed below:

Physical Clutter- like anything unfinished,  stuff accumulating,  things with no designated home

Mental Clutter – like overflowing thoughts or to do’s , or rumination that clutters your brain power

Emotional Clutter- Emotions that are stuffed, lack of awareness of what you are feeling, avoiding people, places, or relationships that are taxing.

Confronting the Clutter, whether working with a Professional Organizer to declutter and regain your peace in your space or working other professionals that can provide services to enhance your life.

Regardless of the situation, We have the freedom to make choices. 2016 is here, so make the most of it for yourself! Dream, Create, and Take Action! Have a partner or someone besides yourself to be accountable to. Initially, have some structure , that will help support your efforts and vision.

Have some laughs and don’t take yourself too seriously! Remember that nothing is written in stone and you can change course any time you choose.

Blessings to all!

*** This is general info -it may not apply to everyone as some people may have other medical/ mental health issues that may deter your efforts.  This info is intended to facilitate awareness and growth.

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De-Clutter What???

When you hear De-Clutter  you may think about stuff that’s accumulated in your home, car, storage bins, or just about anywhere. What about the clutter in your mind? That can be  just as problematic.

There are different forms of mind clutter. It could be as simple as:

Having an excessive amount of thoughts,  or to do’s

Not having clarity or direction

Being engaged in an abundance of tasks,and actions

Other mind clutter may not show up on your radar screen, depending on how self- aware you are. It can be in the form of what limiting beliefs you hold on to and live by. Sometimes these are generalizations, ideas or interpretations that you hold on to and then forget you did. Next,  you are living a life that’s not yours. What I mean by this is, you may have lost touch with what’s really important to you Now. Maybe at one time all these thoughts, belief’s, and truth’s, matched what was important to you .  You can ask yourself, how true is this belief?  The end result is living true to who you are, and who you say you are. In any given moment you can “Choose” what you want to think or what doesn’t fit. The choices you make can motivate and uplift your spirit. Staying true to yourself usually brings  inner peace.

The principles of organizing apply here. Assess what’s going on. Take action- Either jot down all that’s in your head until you feel empty. Or having support, like someone to talk or vent to, will help in getting all the stuff out of your head. Sort what thoughts to hold on to and Identify  what you doesn’t serve you anymore. Then, let it go! Ask yourself if any of those thoughts are draining you and your energy? Can you rephrase your thoughts so they empower you?  With acknowledgment, awareness and conscious Choice, a clearing takes place. The result can be more head space!   This is freeing. You may notice your energy higher.   You may feel like you shed a layer and feel lighter and quite positive.  You now have a blank slate and space to create, or quietness and peace. The clutter is gone!

I  invite you to open your mind, to take what makes sense to you and to discard what doesn’t fit, at this time. We are always growing and changing so what you may relate to now may be different at a later time or vice versa. Being open, willing, and courageous can propel you forward.  The process will lead to new possibilities.

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Do I REALLY Want All This Stuff?

More or Less- Finding Freedom From Clutter

Typically in our society, we acquire items, things, and stuff. We use our valuable time to acquire these so called treasures which may have felt good to collect and accumulate. Yet, when it’s out of control it appears as clutter and usually those good feelings change. Overwhelm shows up. That’s the signal, the “red flag”.  The time to take some action. One action could be evaluating and accessing the reasons you have what you have. We are not talking about items that serve a purpose, are useful, and make your life better.

Are you holding on dearly to the “stuff” that

1.Represents “Who” I am, or “Who” I was, or “Who” I want to become-

Do you like any of these “Who’s”? Sometimes they don’t align with who you are presently, or they are reminders of the past, or even reminders of in-completions. If you don’t feel energized or happy with them, then why keep them around?

2.I may need this someday

Future thinking, that could keep you up to your eyeballs in excess stuff. It could be said this indicates a lack of trust in the future. Our thoughts can create our reality. If unconsciously your thoughts are coming from a place of lack, you will create that. What do I mean? If you trust that you will have all you need , you will have it!

3.I got this as a gift

Just because your favorite person bought this doesn’t justify saving space for it if you don’t need, want or like it. Re-gifting or donating gives it a new life from gathering dust or being buried in a pile. Using places for unwanted items takes away your precious space. Do you choose to give these unwanted gifts your precious space?

4.Family relics that have been passed on to me

So maybe you have inherited these things, that have no meaning or sentimental value to you. If you feel you want to memorialize the items of family members, choose a few items and get creative. Making a shadow box or designating a special area to display them. If you will have joy and feel happy seeing these items in your home then  keep them. That’s what counts!

5.I feel secure having this/ Can’t have empty space!

No matter how many possessions you acquire, the need for more will occur.  Does an object really make you feel secure? Is this really true for you? What about this makes you feel secure? Remember to keep only what makes you happy, and give away what you don’t like.

If you don’t like empty space,( that’s why every nook and cranny are filled) Look at why…. Maybe there is no connection.   Also keep in mind that no matter how much you have,  please keep the areas safe and accessible. This is your home, your sacred space and a place to retreat to from the outside world

6.It cost so much/ or got it free

It’s all relative to how you look at value. Whether you spent more on an item or got it for free it comes down to how you view this. When looking at an item in this category to purge or keep, check out if your beliefs or values around the money are holding you back from making the decision. This awareness may open you up to making a decision based on what you like regardless of the cost.

Looking at these categories and evaluating, brings self awareness and conscious choices. This awareness can lead you to taking another step. The step of recognizing what’s behind your decision making. If you choose to recognize these things it might set you free. The result of freedom and mental clarity. Making clear choices, physically letting items go, that you don’t really want, and keeping what you truly treasure!
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Less is More…..

Having less can give you freedom. Less to worry about, or organize, clean and maintain. Think about this, when you travel you have what you need and manage well. I have clients that do renovations, are packing to move,  rent a space short term to live in, or who have 2nd homes for seasonal use. People will say how great it is to live with less after they have lived without ALL of their belongings. Especially the seasonal homeowners will tell me how simple their lives are when they live in their other residence and not the primary one. We can,  live well with less  of our “stuff”. So why do we allow ourselves to be so stressed having, and acquiring more? The more you have the more time you spend looking after it.

Here are some questions to think about, that might give you some insight-

Wouldn’t you prefer to choose what keeps you busy? (It’s your valuable time)

Could it be that you don’t like empty spaces around you? Why would that be?

Or do you associate certain thoughts or emotions to your stuff? (Weigh the mental, physical and emotional cost, and the toll it takes on you)

Are items reminders of past achievements, or things not completed? (Evaluate and consider which items make you smile the most)

Are they connected to you’re identity, or who you want to become? ( You Can Re-create  who  you say you are at any moment!)

These questions will help you identify and bring things into the conscious mind. Then you  can prioritize what’s MOST important. Once you have awareness you are now more powerful. This may lead you to taking the next step to your freedom. Be reasonable and mindful to any limitations. Having support may be beneficial. To summarize,  conscious awareness, taking action (scheduling time to do this), and having support will change your living space.

You may be on the road to Less is More!


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Mounting Clutter


What is CLUTTER?

Things you don’t love, things unkempt or disorganized, stuff not in it’s designated places,items you don’t use, too much for the actual space, unfinished things or projects. You’re physical, emotional,mental, and spiritual realms are all affected by the clutter. I believe the clutter shows up lastly, as the result of this imbalance in these realms. There seems to be a direct connection to the chaos in ones life and mounting clutter. Sometimes people don’t realize or see this connection.  For months I have observed mounting clutter  with a client and her living space.

While  working with this particular client recently,  she observed her clutter growing and expanding. She observes the correlation to her emotional and mental disharmony. Her explanation is that all the disharmony in her world is occupying her brain-space. She recognizes situations in her life are causing her distress and the clutter is a sign of this. Up to this point she has been totally stopped. This makes all the decision making, a huge hurdle to overcome. She realizes that she can only take baby steps in resolving this, due to her limited brain-space. The organizing process has to match her speed of coping with all  of this. Her next comments are about how she might approach the clutter. She realizes if she distiguishes  what she doesn’t like  or care about first,that would start the decision making easier and “FUN”. This would forward  her to take action. She has started the process of coping with what is! Now in action with the mental & emotional distress she can see more clearly. She can now approach the physical clutter with support and guidance.

I am honored and privileged to assist people with their struggles. Sometimes we achieve the goal immediately, and other times we just work diligently at it. But there is always a commitment. The process will eventually provide inner-peace for the psyche. With hard work , and patience, growth results. It then results in an outer world of peace and calm . The mountains of clutter have disappeared for now. Remember they will lurk behind the clouds to remind you when things are unsettled. It’s a continual process of awareness, change and growth.

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A New Year and Changes

A New Year  brings  new wishes and renewed hope for our lives!

Without change where would we be? As in nature, the seasons change, so why not us? We change but usually with Resistance! Life is unpredictable for the most part and we are always adapting to what comes our way. Sometimes with resistance and struggle. Yet some welcome the struggle as a new possibility or as a new adventure. Inorder to sustain change, new patterns or habits need to be in place. New patterns replace old habits that need to go. When patterns /habits don’t serve you and cause you distress, that’s the signal!! Chaos can manifest for some in their physical space, especially in the home. That is usually the red flag, or signal there is distress lurking somewhere!  When clutter shows up in your home, it needs to be addressed. Why you ask, because a home is usually a place most retreat to for solace from the outside world. When it becomes or is disorganized, then facing everyday life and tasks are difficult. Resisting change just gives you more of the same! Taking a challenge as an opportunity can bring happiness in unexpected ways.  As with most change, support will make it easier. Having people to remind you of what your intention , goal, or vision is provides more success.


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