Being a Prof.Organizer and a Certified Core Energy Coach allows me to transform people’s lives in a multitude of ways. ?The physical world of a person’s home, environment, and private spaces get engaged with the task of organization. ?Certain behaviors, and patterns will ?create physical clutter, which turns into chaos when unattended to. What lies beneath this clutter is usually disappointments, hurt, unfilled expectations and an overactive monkeymind! When working with a Prof. organizer, you start addressing the the top layer of the stuff. Literally! Once the clutter is gone, energy in the space flows freely, and a person’s outlook is uplifted and a sense of peace and calm surfaces.

This is actually an integral part of Selfcare! So , naturally a Selfcare Coach would then step in to have you start to work on the layers of self that have also been neglected. The neglect is the result of the cluttered layers unseen. ? The work helps to uncover the “authentic self” that has been deactivated. The authentic self is who you are at the core of your being. When you start believing ?all the stories, criticism,or negative chatter you slowly start to lose “You”. They can take hold of your mind, You give them power and there goes the authentic self. Once you have awareness and a desire, then you’re on the road to discover your greatness! With a Certified Coach on your team, anything is possible, especially transformation from the inside out!

The end result is, the ?Selfcare facilitates the renewal of your Spirit

Go for it, if not now, when?

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