Happy New Year to all !


How do I want it to be? ?You may be asking yourself that, or have already set new intentions !

Instead of looking at what you haven’t done, Let’s look at the nice clean slate. You are the artist with a empty canvas and all the possibilities lie within your reach.

First, Make the time Now to see what you want to envision for yourself.

1.What are the first thoughts or ideas that come to you?

2.Write down what excites you,lights you up, or feel passionate about.

3. What have you accomplished as if it was the eve of 2017!

Great, ?Now look around you, at your living space. Or are you feeling like you’re?thinking isn’t clear, or you feel an emotion that is overwhelming you? This could be a result of Clutter.


FYI-??You may have Clutter in your life, that distracts you or has ?immobilized you

Some examples listed below:

Physical Clutter- like anything unfinished, ?stuff accumulating, ?things with no designated home

Mental Clutter – like overflowing thoughts or to do’s , or rumination that clutters your brain power

Emotional Clutter- Emotions that are stuffed, lack of awareness of what you are feeling, avoiding people, places, or relationships that are taxing.

Confronting the Clutter, whether working with a Professional Organizer to declutter and regain your peace in your space or working other professionals that can provide services to enhance your life.

Regardless of the situation, We have the freedom to make choices. 2016 is here, so make the most of it for yourself! Dream, Create, and Take Action! Have a partner or someone besides yourself to be accountable to. Initially, have some structure , that will help support your efforts and vision.

Have some laughs and don’t take yourself too seriously! Remember that nothing is written in stone and you can change course any time you choose.

Blessings to all!

*** This is general info -it may not apply to everyone as some people may have other medical/ mental health issues that may deter your efforts.? This info is intended to facilitate awareness and growth.