Professional Organizer,Wardrobe Consultant,Closet Makeover Pro, Space Efficiency Expert

Closet and Fashion Makeovers

Do you say:
? I have nothing to wear!  ? I can’t see what I have  ? Can’t find what I’m looking for

Do you feel:
? Stressed getting dressed?  ? Frustrated not knowing how to dress?

Do you notice:
? Clothes hanging with tags on  ? Bargain purchases you don’t wear

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Revamping your closet and need a new perspective? I can help you see it in a different light. If you are installing a professional closet system, let me help you put the clothes back in after the installation, as closet installers generally don?t offer this service. Or let me simplify, beautify, and maximize your space. Clients are always amazed how there’s always extra room leftover! I?ll make your new system run smoothly by organizing your items in an easy-to-access and visually appealing manner.If you choose, color coordinated clothing, or outfits hanging together for stress free dressing. In fall and spring, I can come in and organize your closet for the coming season, changing out the clothes, shoes and coats for more seasonally appropriate attire.

?I love having Carole come when I?m ready to change my seasonal clothes and purge/give away items. Carole has a wonderful encouraging way of having me see all the things I don?t need. She even is able to give some of the items to people in need, which makes me feel good.”
? Monica; Philadelphia, PA 


Once your closet is organized, the next step is a wardrobe refresh. Now SHOP IN YOUR CLOSET with Carole, usually using what you already own. The service is individualized and based on your input and needs. With a fashion merchandising degree, years of experience, plus a strong color sense, I will guide you through the session. We will assemble fashionable outfits that are stylish, colors that compliment, a wardrobe that accentuates your body type and makes You feel fabulous!