When you hear?De-Clutter ?you may think about stuff that’s accumulated in your home, car, storage bins, or just about anywhere. What about the clutter in your mind? That can be ?just as problematic.

There are different forms of mind clutter. It could be as simple as:

Having an excessive amount of thoughts, ?or to do’s

Not having clarity or direction

Being engaged in an abundance of tasks,and actions

Other mind clutter may not show up on your radar screen, depending on how self- aware you are. It can be in the form of what limiting beliefs you hold on to and live by. Sometimes these are generalizations, ideas or interpretations that you hold on to and then forget you did. Next, ?you are living a life that’s not yours. What I mean by this is, you may have lost touch with what’s really important to you Now. Maybe at one time all these thoughts, belief’s, and truth’s, matched what was important to you . ?You can ask yourself, how true is this belief? ?The end result is living true to who you are, and who you say you are. In any given moment you can “Choose” what you want to think or what doesn’t fit. The choices you make can motivate and uplift your spirit. Staying true to yourself usually brings ?inner peace.

The principles of organizing apply here. Assess what’s going on. Take action- Either jot down all that’s in your head until you feel empty. Or having support, like someone to talk or vent to, will help in getting all the stuff out of your head.?Sort?what thoughts to hold on to and Identify? what you doesn’t serve you anymore. Then, let it go! Ask yourself if any of those thoughts are draining you and your energy? Can you rephrase your thoughts so they empower you? ?With acknowledgment, awareness and conscious Choice, a clearing takes place. The result can be?more head space!? ?This is freeing. You may notice your energy higher. ??You may feel like you shed a layer and feel lighter and quite positive. ?You now have a blank slate and space to create, or quietness and peace.?The clutter is gone!

I ?invite you to open your mind, to take what makes sense to you and to discard what doesn’t fit, at this time. We are always growing and changing so what you may relate to now may be different at a later time or vice versa. Being open, willing, and courageous can propel you forward. ?The process will lead to new possibilities.