More or Less- Finding Freedom From Clutter

Typically in our society, we acquire items, things, and stuff. We use our valuable time to acquire these so called treasures which may have felt good to collect and accumulate. Yet, when it’s out of control it appears as clutter and usually those good feelings change. Overwhelm shows up. That’s the signal, the “red flag”.? The time to take some action. One action could be evaluating and accessing the reasons you have what you have. We are not talking about items that serve a purpose, are useful, and make your life better.

Are you holding on dearly to the “stuff” that

1.Represents “Who” I am, or “Who” I was, or “Who” I want to become-

Do you like any of these “Who’s”? Sometimes they don’t align with who you are presently, or they are reminders of the past, or even reminders of in-completions. If you don’t feel energized or happy with them, then why keep them around?

2.I may need this someday

Future thinking, that could keep you up to your eyeballs in excess stuff. It could be said this indicates a lack of trust in the future. Our thoughts can create our reality. If unconsciously your thoughts are coming from a place of lack, you will create that. What do I mean? If you trust that you will have all you need , you will have it!

3.I got this as a gift

Just because your favorite person bought this doesn’t justify saving space for it if you don’t need, want or like it. Re-gifting or donating gives it a new life from gathering dust or being buried in a pile. Using places for unwanted items takes away your precious space. Do you choose to give these unwanted gifts your precious space?

4.Family relics that have been passed on to me

So maybe you have inherited these things, that have no meaning or sentimental value to you. If you feel you want to memorialize the items of family members, choose a few items and get creative. Making a shadow box or designating a special area to display them. If you will have joy and feel happy seeing these items in your home then? keep them. That’s what counts!

5.I feel secure having this/ Can’t have empty space!

No matter how many possessions you acquire, the need for more will occur.? Does an object really make you feel secure? Is this really true for you? What about this makes you feel secure? Remember to keep only what makes you happy, and give away what you don’t like.

If you don’t like empty space,( that’s why every nook and cranny are filled) Look at why…. Maybe there is no connection.?? Also keep in mind that no matter how much you have,? please keep the areas safe and accessible. This is your home, your sacred space and a place to retreat to from the outside world

6.It cost so much/ or got it free

It’s all relative to how you look at value. Whether you spent more on an item or got it for free it comes down to how you view this. When looking at an item in this category to purge or keep, check out if your beliefs or values around the money are holding you back from making the decision. This awareness may open you up to making a decision based on what you like regardless of the cost.

Looking at these categories and evaluating, brings self awareness and conscious choices. This awareness can lead you to taking another step. The step of recognizing what’s behind your decision making. If you choose to recognize these things it might set you free. The result of freedom and mental clarity. Making clear choices, physically letting items go, that you don’t really want, and keeping what you truly treasure!