Remodeling is an opportunity to change your scenery and create functional space in your house without moving. This is a wise and economical (compared to moving) way to reconfigure your space, so it works for you and your family.

Yet, if you start out on the wrong foot, disorganized and unclear about your vision, it can add undue stress to the project. Let me help you prepare for the contractors, and put your home back together post-project. Together, we can review your kitchen, bathroom, or other living area poised for the home remodel. I?ll help you decide what to toss out and then sort through what you will need during construction and what can get packed away. When your home remodel project is complete, let me help you get organized in your new space by unpacking your boxes and assigning your items to their rightful places.

As a professional organizer, I can help you arrange and design the space at hand to fit your needs, if you are unable to move and don?t have the budget for a full-scale home remodel. This might be as simple as making more room for storage with a closet remodel or utilizing a part of your home that you didn?t consider useful previously. Let me take a look, and help you see its potential.