What is CLUTTER?

Things you don’t love, things unkempt or disorganized, stuff not in it’s designated places,items you don’t use, too much for the actual space, unfinished things or projects. You’re physical, emotional,mental, and spiritual realms are all affected by the clutter. I believe the clutter shows up lastly, as the result of this?imbalance in these realms. There seems to be a direct connection to the chaos in ones life and mounting clutter. Sometimes people don’t realize or see this connection.? For months I have observed mounting clutter? with?a client and her living space.

While ?working with?this particular client?recently,? she observed her clutter growing and expanding. She observes?the correlation to her emotional and mental disharmony. Her explanation is that all the disharmony in her world is occupying her brain-space. She recognizes situations in her life are causing her distress and the clutter is a sign of this. Up to this point she has been totally stopped. This makes all the decision making, a huge hurdle to overcome. She realizes that she can only take baby steps in resolving this, due to her limited brain-space. The organizing process has to match her speed of coping with all? of this. Her next comments are about how she might approach the clutter. She?realizes if she?distiguishes? what she doesn’t like? or care about first,that would start the decision making easier and “FUN”. This?would forward? her to take action. She has started the process of coping with what is!?Now in action with the mental & emotional distress she can see more clearly. She can now approach the physical clutter with support and guidance.

I am honored and privileged to assist people with their struggles. Sometimes we achieve the goal immediately, and other times we just work diligently at it. But there is always a commitment. The process will eventually provide inner-peace for the psyche. With hard work , and?patience, growth results.?It then?results in an outer world of peace and calm . The mountains of clutter have disappeared for now. Remember they will lurk behind the clouds to remind you when things are unsettled. It’s a continual process of awareness, change and growth.