Chronically Disorganized

Are you chronically disorganized? If you have always struggled with organizational challenges that affect the quality of your daily life, I can help get you back on track.

  • Are there rooms in your house that you avoid due to their mess?
  • Overflowing drawers?
  • Closets full to the brim?
  • Boxes of unopened merchandise due to overshopping?
  • Stacks and piles of paper?
  • Appliances or electronics that do not work?
  • A garage filled so you can?t park a car?

Not only does clutter cause stress, it can also be a safety issue. When I work with you, we will clear clutter that is blocking doors, stairs and windows; creating a fire hazard; or producing an environment that might cause injury. We can address rooms or parts of your house that are no longer functional, and make them safe, useful and attractive again. We begin by sorting and discarding the clutter and then redesigning the space to fit your lifestyle.

Whether your disorganization is slightly bothersome or has taken over your life, I can guide you toward a more organized way of life with practical, hands-on steps and useful tips. Consider hiring a professional organizer as a way to help your family as you lead the way to a more orderly and less chaotic daily life. You will come away from the experience having learned the necessary skills of organizing and ideas on how to make these healthy habits stick.

Call me to find out how I work with clients battling disorganization, from the mild forms of messiness to the packrats or signs of hoarding.