Organizing to Sell or Move

Selling your house takes forethought and preparation. Take the time up front to get your house in order by clearing out the clutter and making it attractive. You will benefit both emotionally and financially when you reap the rewards by quickly selling an aesthetically appealing house. I can help you stage your house, so it makes a sparkling first impression. Your sale can be a smooth and successful transaction, when you have your i?s dotted and t?s crossed.

Downsizing Your Home

Moving from a bigger house to a smaller, and more manageable living situation is the perfect time to get organized. For empty nesters, seniors or those just looking to live with less, I can help you set your blueprint for your ?smaller? life. We can identify items you want to discard and decide which things to keep. Then we can help arrange your new space to best suit your newly defined needs.

Regardless of what is propelling you to move, this is the time to draw up checklists for moving. I will help you draft your list of to-dos and prepare for move-out and move-in day. This might include donating unwanted goods, gathering boxes and packing materials, labeling and organizing boxes and bins, preparing ?need-now? items for move-in day, hiring cleaning services, notifying important parties of impending move, liaise with mover, and many more, depending on the scale of your move.

Contact me before you start packing up.