Get Organized - Embrace Change

For many, a New Year brings new ideas, new wishes and renewed hope. Maybe you?ve thought about getting organized but haven?t acted on it.

Getting organized takes some courage. The courage to take actions that result in change. It may take many steps ? baby steps. But every step counts!!

Maybe you?ve had nagging thoughts. These thoughts become annoying or stressful. They sound like:

I can?t live this way anymore

I don?t know what happened here

What happened to my living space, how did it get this out of control?

I used to be organized

I need help, but am feeling shame

I can?t do this alone.

Disorganization leads to stress.

Sound familiar?

Let me help you imagine what can follow next.

First, you recognize that you?re having these thoughts. Being conscious causes  awareness in the present. You are very Present! This is the first baby step you take.

You realize you want support. You take time to find the ?right ? person who will help you get the job done. You inquire by asking others, searching the internet, or hiring a Professional Organizer ? more baby steps.

Each baby step demonstrates your courage and adds up.

Even though it feels uncomfortable, you finally decide to reveal the secrets and feelings that are challenging ? with courage.

You clear time in your busy schedule and make appointments to organize. You work hand in hand at the scheduled appointment, staying open to guidance and suggestions. You make decisions during the session, and even surprise yourself! Purging items you never thought you could, or would. You let the items go, out of your possession. Some that same day!

At this point you feel pleased with your progress, and the results from your hard work. You experience a sense of accomplishment, freedom, aliveness,  motivation, peace. You commit to more work days and see a clearer space and  vision for yourself.

Organizing your space creates a feeling of freedom and release.

All the baby steps have accumulated to cause a personal transformation  ? within yourself and your space!

Congratulate yourself, it doesn?t matter how long or what it took to get to this point. Take a moment, breathe, and BE. You have earned it!


Who likes change and welcomes it? Most of us fear the unknown, even avoid it. Well, getting organized is a process ofchange. And, as growth is a byproduct of change, by embracing this change you are embarking into new possibilities of growth. Remember, with every step of the process, change occurs externally and internally.

?Change always comes bearing gifts?   Price Pritchett