Organizing After a Move

The movers have left, and you are surrounded by stacks of boxes and haphazardly arranged furniture. Where to start? Call me, and we can tackle the moving in together.

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. Whether the move signifies a marriage, new partnership, children off to college or a long-awaited dream home, it is challenging to put all the pieces together in a harmonious way. Make your first mark on your clean slate an orderly one by hiring me to organize your kitchen and living area, rearrange your closet storage, and set up your entire living space, from the get-go.

On move-in day, I’ll unpack your boxes and put your items away, so they are easy to find. You’ll find me organizing kitchen drawers and setting up bathroom closets. Then we can assess what you need to make the house functional for the long term, which starts with making efficient use of your space.

I’ll help you prioritize your move-in day tasks, so you have a plan moving forward:

  • Are there pieces of furniture or window coverings yet to buy?
  • Repairs to be made?
  • Utilities to contact?
  • Paint to be picked up?
  • Cleaning and landscaping services to hire?

Before you begin collecting cardboard boxes, call me, and we can get you moving.

Carle on Channel 6 Action News
As featured in Philadelphia Magazine.
We still talk about what a wonderful help you were. Whenever we go to Friendly’s we remember how you set up the kitchen and while we were having a late lunch, you did so much in the bathrooms we found it hard to believe! – Helen Lambertville, NJ