Organizational Help and Personal Assistance for Caretakers and Busy People

Busy Lives

It might not seem possible that your already busy life can get busier. Yet when a crisis or opportunity develops, the checklist of to-do?s grows. If you have taken on extra work commitments; or have incrementally overcommitted yourself; or find yourself caretaking for an ailing family member, I can help keep your home humming smoothly while you attend to your new responsibilities.

Schedule regular organizational visits with me, so I can swoop in and help maintain order when your normal routines are shuffled. I can organize unruly paper stacks and cluttered desks, attend to unopened mail and address other quotidian tasks that can go by the wayside when life kicks into high gear. Here?s a list of how I can help:

  • Make periodic visits to touch-up the essential areas — kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and bedroom closets.
  • Get holiday and seasonal decor out of storage and assemble. Clear and stow your decor post-holiday.
  • Change your winter/summer clothing and shoes. Access items from storage and move to current closet areas.
  • Take away donations.
  • Sort through all paper, magazines and mail. File, recycle, and shred.
  • Prepare paperwork and receipts for your accountant at tax time.
  • Sort and assign incoming mail.
  • Label drawers and cabinets for family members or other home guests
  • Create a system for discarding/recycling magazines, catalog, and coupons.
  • Do organizational coaching in stressful situations using holistic suggestions to promote  wellness.
  • Run errands to help relieve stress.
  • Dinner party organization – from setting up to putting it all away. Get out your best china and silver, set the table and attend to last-minute errands to help your event go off smoothly.
  • Organize chaotic rooms, so you can return to a peaceful, organized home.


Taking care of a sick parent or family member can be a long, slow process that calls on all your resources ? financial, emotional, physical and mental. As you attend to your loved one?s multitude of needs related to their illness, your time seems to be no longer your own. Take care of yourself in the process, and that means carving out time to relax and recharge. The best way to find time is to delegate essential duties.

That?s where I come in. As a professional organizer, I can help you manage your time around care giving, the rest of your family, and you. We can map out a plan that allows you time for everyone that is important to you. I can help you work out the details, take on errands and  organize your loved one?s recuperating space.  Reduce stress by hiring a professional organizer, and you will find you have more energy and enthusiasm to help your family.

Find out more about my organizational services and how I can help. Call me to set up a consultation.