Maintenance and Systems Organization

My goal as a professional organizer is to implement a functional system, so it?s easy for you to use and sustain. An organized system saves you time and money and reduces stress. This might be creating a customized filing system for your home office, organizing and cataloging photos, arranging your kitchen to best suit your cooking needs, reconfiguring closet storage or setting up a basement studio.

If you are too busy to maintain the new set-up, I am available for maintenance visits to make sure your systems are implemented and sustained. We can review and re-evaluate which systems are working and which ones need refining.

Keep in mind that working with a professional organizer is a taking the long-term view when it comes to organizing. I will help you learn the skills of organizing, so an orderly way of life becomes habitual. This is an investment that will yield you time, money, peace of mind, clarity and a sense of control over your daily life.

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