?I know you did only work with me a short time but it really did change my life! I just didn?t know where to start. But thank God I called you! You showed me the ?path? (almost literally) out of the mess!?
– Laura Lea
Stratford, NJ

?I enthusiastically recommend Carole for organizational projects. By managing my clutter, she has given me a new lease on life.?
– Cally
Princeton, NJ

?Beyond her organizational skills, she has been helpful in suggesting storage solutions and procuring needed materials. Throughout she has been nonjudgemental, eager in her work, friendly and unfailingly cheerful.?
– Carole
Princeton, NJ

“You’re a miracle worker”
– Patty H
Philadelphia, PA

– Donna B
Mt. Laurel, NJ

?Your long hours of planning, scheduling, sorting, decorating, advising, arranging and organizing have made our major life change so very much more bearable and doable. I can?t even envision how miserably difficult it could have been without you on-board!?
– Jeri G.
Margate, NJ

We still talk about what a wonderful help you were. Whenever we go to Friendly?s we remember how you set up the kitchen and while we were having a late lunch, you did so much in the bathrooms we found it hard to believe!
– Helen
Lambertville, NJ

Working with Carole has been such a help to my life in so many ways, I always had a hard time getting rid of things and organizing.  I grew up in a crazy household with nine siblings and organization was not the top of our list. Carole taught me that space is freeing and to let go what I don’t need will help someone else and when I need something again it will come back to me.  She had a calming affect and natural patience about her. Downsizing and perching my clothes that I don’t wear was hard in my mind but once we got going it because easier and easier, she goes out of her way to make calls and locate organizations that need them, which make me feel so much better letting go. I think mentally organizing is a rough thing for someone like myself, but what a freeing feeling once you are there and put priorities in order, my family is more important than stuff… holding on to the past just became a hold on me and I didn’t enjoy company or family anymore. Life is too short and I want my family and friends to visit and I don’t want to leave the burden one day to my children just to have them through everything out anyway. This is not the legacy I want to leave them or example for them. Thank you Carole for all that you have done and your wonderful heart. I wouldn’t trust anyone else in my home and share my pain because it is painful to let go and move on but once you do it is a wonderful feeling,,I hope someday just to have Carole for maintenance so I stay in line and not get out of control again, she is a wonderful human being with a knack for organizing and helping people through the process.

Cherry Hill, NJ

?Having a clutter-free house takes loads of stress off and the de-cluttering itself was a huge stress reliever! I?m very lucky that because of my schedule I was able to dedicate the time to really make it happen. But that?s where you come in for people who don?t have the time.?
– Laura Lea
Stratford, NJ

I could only walk 2 feet into a 10?x10? room before Carole came. After working a short 5 hours with Carole, I could walk everywhere? Not everyone can fix things with skill, ease, and efficiently. She?s really good at what she does! Organizing is intuitive to her. Her skill is combined with her motivating personality. Carole is not only a body double, but a coach in living space transformation. She is good at identifying, keeping in mind, and capitalizing on her client?s strengths. You may be messy, but you?re not useless.
– Allison
Collingswood, NJ

?Everyone has projects, chores and clutter that they would love to get to. When you are a caregiver, those normal household concerns do not even come up on the radar screen. So, when you came and did your organizing magic, it felt doubly special as there was a bit of normalcy coming into my life.?
– Gina
Philadelphia, PA

?I love having Carole come when I?m ready to change my seasonal clothes and purge/give away items. Carole has a wonderful encouraging way of having me see all the things I don?t need. She even is able to give some of the items to people in need, which makes me feel good.
– Monica
Philadelphia, PA

Carole comes 4-5 times a year to help me maintain an organized & efficient system in my office (files, financial information, etc.) and in my clothes closet. She is outstanding at what she does.
? Monica
Philadelphia, PA

“Carole brings a calming energy to help heal the chaos of one’s clutter!”
– Regina
Philadelphia, PA

?Carole is an amazingly organized, compassionate person. We arrived in Pennsylvania at a family member?s home, and saw that her study was in immediate need of massive decluttering; we could barely enter the room. It was a Thursday afternoon, and we did not know what to do. We lucked out by calling Carole, who met us that evening to see what needed to be done. She swung into action immediately, and for the next two days, and accomplished a miracle! She is fantastically energetic, and helpful and we are extremely grateful for her outstanding assistance. I wished we could clone her and take her to our own town! ?
– Judith

?If you have a closet full of clothes, but can?t put together outfits that make you look and feel great, call on Carole. In just 3 hours, she came up with SO many great looks for me, which I wore that week. I got many compliments. Carole is fun to work with, sensitive,and has great fashion and color sense. She?ll give you tips (and details about which stores/styles to try out ? what a time and energy saver!) about what you might need to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe, or to just ?spice it up? a bit. I plan to use Carole on a regular basis to keep me looking my best. ?
– Geri
Moorestown, NJ

“When I hired Carole I had a lot of clothes, lots of pieces, but no outfits. I could not get dressed with ease. It always took forever to come up with just one outfit. It was very stressful! I thought I wasn’t buying the right clothes!!! When Carole came over, she put pieces together that I would not have thought would work in combination to make an outfit. It is not a gift that I have. She put tops with sweaters or vests, scarves, jewelry , shoes and she made so many outfits! The most impressive thing was that I did not have to buy one single other item, Nothing was wasted. Items from years ago seemed to work like putting all the pieces of a puzzle together!! I am so impressed and I feel so stylish! Thank you Carole Weinstock!!”
– Carol D
Newtown, Pa