About Carole

As a professional organizer since 2003, I know my way around and through chaos. I help my clients clear a path through the disarray, so they end up with a peaceful, yet practical, space to enjoy.

I came to the organizing field after a chronic illness debilitated me for many months. As I recovered in friends? homes, I kept myself busy helping them organize a closet, perk up a wardrobe or clean out a junk drawer, here and there. I made major changes to my life to get healthy, which included emotional, spiritual and mental shifts, as well as a dietary overhaul. I, too, was clearing the clutter of a previously unhealthy life. The changes were momentous and inspired me to assist people in getting their homes organized. I have a knack for helping people re-purpose, re-organize and re-order their closets, garages, offices, second homes ?wherever they need to effect some change. I help people transform their lives.

My work is informed by 15 years in the fashion merchandising field, followed by 13 years as a certified optician where I advised patients on high-end couture eye wear.  I bring a strong sense of color, style and aesthetics to my work as an organizer. I put things together so they not only work, but they look good, too.

My method is holistic, meaning I look at the whole picture ? and how the individual parts come together to support the whole system. In other words, when you re-organize your closet, basement or kitchen, this directly (and positively) affects other areas of your home and life. Transformation occurs through the simple act of making a change.

With a loving, gentle, and non-judgmental approach, I simplify, beautify and re-envision your living space. Let?s get started.