PHASE 2?? Closets Out Of Control

It’s not all about your current habits,

your shopping?extravaganzas,

Or Clutter control

In Order to have success with what was accomplished with a Professional Organizer, I suggest this-

Getting on a maintenance program with set times for visits to keep what was done in place. The energy in the space will feel lighter and energize you, now that the clutter is gone. Next, looking inward, getting in touch with whats out of kilter in your life.?Essentially, Clearing clutter on all levels. The physical, mental, and emotional. Assess yourself, look at your patterns and look at why you have all this Stuff.

Most importantly, looking beneath the surface, to transform what is silently debilitating you. Seeking professional help, would be advised if this soul searching is too painful or confrontive .?Your living space reflects your innermost self. The inner turbulence manifests as?Disorganization . It creates a barricade around you , a false safety net from the issues, emotions ,memories, and negative behaviors.??Outwardly, what exists can be disorganized areas, compulsive shopping, unsettled feelings, avoidance, procrastination, perfectionism, and more. ?What’s really going on here??Seeking professional help, would be advised if this soul searching is too painful or confrontive ?Most likely, your energy is zapped and your creative juices may have stopped!

If you do the inquiry on your own, the list of questions can ignite your journey towards freedom, this is a starting point.

  1. What is your inner critic screaming in your head?
  2. ?Can you identify what limiting beliefs are actually running the show here?
  3. ?Are you assuming that any past attempts are going to fail Again?
  4. ?What emotions are you experiencing with this inquiry?
  5. ?WHAT STORY ARE YOU LIVING AS? TRUE,?that has you allowing yourself to be burdened with all this STUFF?

NEXT STEP- ? ?Forgive yourself, Forgive Yourself, Forgive Yourself!!!

Again and Again

until you no longer feel any of those catabolic feelings. You have let go of all these disempowering stories and have awareness . You see the connection to what was churning deep inside and what was manifesting as disorganization and clutter. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? CONGRATULATE YOURSELF NOW

Congratulate Yourself for all your hard work and efforts ,and commitment to a new future you are creating today!

You have now made Peace with yourself. ?Now engage in new thoughts that light you up. You may want to hire a coach who will champion you and assist you in moving forward (like myself) to support your progress.

You have started a new chapter in your life. Have a buddy or a professional to watch your back!!

“Where do we grow from here” ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Bruce D Schneider