Having less can give you freedom. Less to worry about, or organize, clean and maintain. Think about this, when you travel you have what you need and manage well. I have clients that do renovations, are packing to move,  rent a space short term to live in, or who have 2nd homes for seasonal use. People will say how great it is to live with less after they have lived without ALL of their belongings. Especially the seasonal homeowners will tell me how simple their lives are when they live in their other residence and not the primary one. We can,  live well with less  of our “stuff”. So why do we allow ourselves to be so stressed having, and acquiring more? The more you have the more time you spend looking after it.

Here are some questions to think about, that might give you some insight-

Wouldn’t you prefer to choose what keeps you busy? (It’s your valuable time)

Could it be that you don’t like empty spaces around you? Why would that be?

Or do you associate certain thoughts or emotions to your stuff? (Weigh the mental, physical and emotional cost, and the toll it takes on you)

Are items reminders of past achievements, or things not completed? (Evaluate and consider which items make you smile the most)

Are they connected to you’re identity, or who you want to become? ( You Can Re-create  who  you say you are at any moment!)

These questions will help you identify and bring things into the conscious mind. Then you  can prioritize what’s MOST important. Once you have awareness you are now more powerful. This may lead you to taking the next step to your freedom. Be reasonable and mindful to any limitations. Having support may be beneficial. To summarize,  conscious awareness, taking action (scheduling time to do this), and having support will change your living space.

You may be on the road to Less is More!