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With Every Step, Change Occurs

Sometimes its the smallest decisions that can change your life forever. Keri Russell Every step counts, even baby steps! From the first nagging thoughts like, I can’t live this way anymore, I used to be organized, I don’t know what’s … Continue reading

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“My Story” Carole’s Personal Journey

Since mid June, I have been dealing with a chronic illness that has been dormant for 10 yrs! It appeared without any warning. But this is the nature of the disease, a bale disease- ulcerative colitis. My 1st blog , … Continue reading

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Family & Friends Mean Well!

Family & Friends watching loved ones drown in their clutter and despair can frustrate and un-nerve  the person.Ending up with emotions & angered words flying about! I’ve seen some very heated interactions when family & friends step in to “help” or “save” … Continue reading

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“I Need Help” right now!

In 8yrs of being in business as an organizer, I have had “emergency calls” for HELP! What do I mean? People’s lives get so affected by their belongings resulting in a downward spiral of negative feelings. Feelings of shame, depression, … Continue reading

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Organization is part of every day life

Life is ever changing, on all levels! Everything we do requires some form of maintenance. In order to be successful, these components are necessary- Making time, being committed, and taking action . If you take your health for granted, eventually disease or … Continue reading

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