Since mid June, I have been dealing with a chronic illness that has been dormant for 10 yrs! It appeared without any warning. But this is the nature of the disease, a bale disease- ulcerative colitis. My 1st blog , Hello World, mentions the impact of this disease? on the present.The result was that?my business was born, and I emerged healthy and with new ideas and a whole new outlook on life.?The experiences I lived during the year of being disabled enabled me to?see the parallels to the organization process.

The parallels of the process?is this….? With disorganization comes dysfunction, and a visual of a tornado ravaged area.?Then the feeling of being?stuck, taking no action,and feeling suffocated by the “stuff”.

I am highly organized, with myself and in my living space. It is very natural for me to be this way. Yet, I go through this same process?individually, from a different angle.The big difference is my clients have their “stuff”, to be cleared, and and I clear other things! I get stuck, not wanting to be flexible,or face change, or stay in situations that don’t serve me any longer . I am very self aware, and know what to do . But , I am not exempt from getting stuck too! My illness has become my warning sign, a flag to get me into action. If I continue to procrastinate, stay inflexible,and?not be?open to change, then my discomfort in my body lingers. If I take new steps, create new habits, and step into the unknown fearlessly, then I have “cleared” my space! My “stuckness” limits my powerfulness as a human being, and my engaging in a full balanced life.

I end my blog with this quote from, “The Heart of a Buddha”

“Everything that happens to us is the result of what we ourselves have thought, said or done. We alone are responsible for our lives”