Sometimes its the smallest decisions that can change your life
Keri Russell

Every step counts, even baby steps! From the first nagging thoughts like, I can’t live this way anymore, I used to be organized, I don’t know what’s happened, what happened to my home, or I need some help, I can’t do this alone! Then the?inquiry of finding the right person to help. Asking people, or searching the web.?Getting up the guts to??email or call the prof. organizer. Spilling your guts to them, feeling embarassed, yet relieved. Clearing time in?your busy schedule to schedule an appointment. Working hand in hand on the scheduled day with the organizer, and taking her suggestions. Purging items you never thought you would, or could! Letting the items leave the premises, even,?that day! Feeling pleased with the results of your hard work. Planning another work day! So, they add up quickly, and are often not acknowledged.? Now is the time to acknowledge yourself for all you have done. The steps that ultimately Transform your Home, your Space and your?Life.?? Who likes change? Most fear it, or avoid it. Yet this process is all about it.? Ironically,?? you’ve already embarked in the unknown by getting to this point,?and embraced CHANGE!

Change always comes bearing gifts.? ~Price Pritchett