In 8yrs of being in business as an organizer, I have had “emergency
calls” for HELP! What do I mean? People’s lives get so affected by their
belongings resulting in a downward spiral of negative feelings. Feelings of
shame, depression, overwhelm, and self destructive attitudes about ones self.
There is a blindness to the mounting clutter so that the people inhabitating the
home don’t see it anymore. ( as known as “clutter blindness”)The end result is a sense of? drowning &?despair.

This is why I get these “emergency calls”. Sometimes the calls come from the
individual, the house mate, or unexpected family/friends dropping by. As a
spiritual person, I feel that the people who need me will find me. I am
dedicated to making a difference in their lives, and bringing new life and
opportunities into their life by assisting them through this process.


Being raised in the Jewish faith, the word “mitzvah”(good deed) comes to
mind. I feel I do “mitzvahs” for people, and their lives! Even though it is a my
profession and I am paid, ?that doesn’t take away the human, emotional, and
spiritual connection with the interaction. I feel so fortunate to do what I love and am passionate about. Over the years my clients have called me a miracle worker, and then people
started calling me their clutter- angel. My passion is to help people in need
and to leave them feeling free, at peace and with a smile on their

I write this blog today as a recap to some work I have done this
past week.