Family & Friends watching loved ones drown in their clutter and despair can frustrate and un-nerve? the person.Ending up with emotions & angered words?flying about!?I’ve seen some very heated interactions when family & friends step in to “help” or “save” their loved ones. They mean well, although? most times, I have observed that they feel they can take the decision making away from the individual and their opinions rule! As human beings in this world we live in, we feel we own our things and place a lot of value on them. Which means we have the right to do as we please with these things, and nobody else has the right to these decisions.? As a professional organizer, we practice non-judgement, patience, mirroring what the client says, pointing out other point of views to consider, and being a support through this difficult new process. We listen, empathize, give moral support, and partner with them? in accomplishing their goals. I am writing this so people can learn to heal themselves with this process. The process as I stated in 1 of my other blogs,? has many hidden components. These components are comprised of layers of emotions, and thoughts not always being recognized consciously. The healing can start with the person taking a stand for themselves with a family member. What does that mean? This may be the first time they have stood up and expressed what they believe or set boundaries. This will alter and impact future interactions with them in a positive manner. Once someone has a breakthrough like this, life alters.? Asking for professional help to assist does provide healing? in a loving, nurturing and non-judgemental way. It can be a cry for help, and an acknowledgment of self love for the first time!

So, if you don’t hire a professional, you will probably experience some
version of this. Take a?moment to be grateful?to the?people who care, and notice your distress.?These? special people in your life mean well, and are only expressing their love, and support for you. The key is to understand their commitment to you, and your well being. BUT, remember to stay true to yourself and express your needs in a loving manner!