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How Does A Professional Organizer & SelfcareCoach Affect Change

Being a Prof.Organizer and a Certified Core Energy Coach allows me to transform people’s lives in a multitude of ways.  The physical world of a person’s home, environment, and private spaces get engaged with the task of organization.  Certain behaviors, … Continue reading

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Do I REALLY Want All This Stuff?

More or Less- Finding Freedom From Clutter Typically in our society, we acquire items, things, and stuff. We use our valuable time to acquire these so called treasures which may have felt good to collect and accumulate. Yet, when it’s … Continue reading

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MIND* BODY* SOUL* – Connection

I say, “Organizing your physical space is the bridge to opening up the mental,emotional, and energetic process that’s occurs at the same time” during the organizing process.You deal with what you see on the surface first. Another way said, the surface is … Continue reading

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Holiday Time 2012

It’s December and the Holidays!                                                                                                 These are my thoughts…….. It’s an opportunity to share times or be in communication with the people that matter most to you. And, or giving back to community. Whether on an emotional level, physical or spiritual. … Continue reading

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Organizing is a Holistic and Spiritual process!

As a professional organizer for 8 years, my belief is that the process of organizing someones belongings is just a small part of a much larger picture.  The clutter, confusion, and unhappiness are just the warning signs for much needed … Continue reading

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Hello World!

“Out of clutter find simplicity, From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty , lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein I am Carole, aka, the Clutter-angel, as named by my various clients. I started my business 8 yrs ago, after a … Continue reading

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