As a professional organizer for 8 years, my belief is that the process of organizing someones belongings is just a small part of a much larger picture.? The clutter, confusion, and unhappiness are just the warning signs for much needed attention.

People often describe? feelings of deadness ,heaviness, and despair. We are their vehicle to getting them to their rainbow of possibilities and dreams. On a much deeper level they are craving this change and this is where the much needed attention is.These unrecognized hopes, dreams and passions lie underneath , like a simmering pot that has boiled over causing a mess yet still churning the contents into something delightful.

Organizing the physical space is the bridge to opening up the emotional, mental, and energetic processes that are occurring at the same time. New habits, actions and ideas do emerge.I believe as organizers, we are assisting people on their journey. The outcome is transformation in all areas of your life,that are important to you. So I say, Invest in Your Wellbeing! The changes will occur not only in your environment but many unexpected areas as well!