I say, “Organizing your physical space is the bridge to opening up the mental,emotional, and energetic process that’s occurs at the same time” during the organizing?process.You deal with what you see on the surface first.?Another way said, the surface is the physical surrounding. Below the surface is the emotional, and deeper is the soul.Clearing the physical becomes the vehicle to transforming the flow of energy.? It is said as humanbeings,? we are made up of energy,as well as all living things on this earth plane. As we move and clear our spaces of the physical things, we feel a flow of energy. When our space is cluttered we feel blocked and the space feels congested. The act of organizing creates a Holistic environment where the mind , body? and soul are in peace and harmony.

My approach to organizing is this. I do the surface areas first.I get the surface areas cleared so visually you see a difference. You will experience feeling a lightness in the space.I then go deeper, like behind closed doors? and into drawers. Then I get into the nitty-gritty? or the fine details. This is the systems, the new homes for what has been unearthed.? As you do this, the process is actually working from the inside out. People soon recognize new feelings and thoughts surfacing. Renewed energy and motivation. Hope and clearer visions of what they want.Sometimes this means facing your demons, bad behaviors, and patterns that no longer work. What’s unconscious then surfaces.? It shows up as anger , release of tears,and sadness.Then fond memories, thoughts & dreams? appear, which create excitement. Generally,? action occurs and results are seen.? The energy of your space personally and physically has shifted. You feel clarity mentally, Emotionally peaceful, and a sense of oneness with your soul. You are ready to take charge. You want to spend your time with what delights you. YOU CAN FEEL RENEWED, ALIVE, AND HOPEFUL .

All this is a product of what seems like a daunting task, but can be rather invigorating. ? ? ?? So what are you waiting for………. If not now? When?

“Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation.
Use it!” ? Ram Dass