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2016 Intentions for a Clutter Free Life

Happy New Year to all ! 2016 How do I want it to be?  You may be asking yourself that, or have already set new intentions ! Instead of looking at what you haven’t done, Let’s look at the nice … Continue reading

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MIND* BODY* SOUL* – Connection

I say, “Organizing your physical space is the bridge to opening up the mental,emotional, and energetic process that’s occurs at the same time” during the organizing process.You deal with what you see on the surface first. Another way said, the surface is … Continue reading

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Char & HaL…… A story of blessings & transition. What a blessing when 2 people converge their lives together. What a blessing, when the desire to share in someone’s life and contribute to each other’s wellbeing is present. What a … Continue reading

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It Takes Courage To Make Changes

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever”. Keri Russell With every step, change happens. Every step counts, even baby steps. People struggle with disorganization, sometimes silently until those nagging thoughts get you in action. Nagging thoughts … Continue reading

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