Char & HaL…… A story of blessings & transition.
What a blessing when 2 people converge their lives together. What a blessing, when the desire to share in someone’s life and contribute to each other’s wellbeing is present. What a blessing, that these 2 people in their 80th decade have taken on this transition!

I am called into action to assist in this joyous affair. It requires putting together the logistics of moving Hal to Char’s place. At this point, with only his clothes & toiletries. All other possesions in his apartment are being sold and given away. Char, now needs to make space for him after living alone for many years. Ofcourse this requires purging, and reorganizing closets and her giving up space for his comfort. So, there I am inspiring her to see what needs to be done. Opening her mind to redoing a closet and having an extra closet designed for more storage.
I am suprised when they approach me and tell me they are re-painting the walls, possibly putting in new wood floors and buying new furniture to suit their new life together.So, I go to see the furniture to give my feedback. And we end up leaving the store with more than what was on the shopping list! I am in awe, with the mind set, energy, and action they are taking. They are living the possibility of love, being in the moment, openess, and the courage to change! How many people at this age do you know who would do this??? An amazing situation of what living your dream is at any age!
Mazel Tov to you both!(in other words-Good Luck)

P.S…Organizing always comes into the picture when a transition occurs.