? Why Haven’t I Done This Before?

Are you asking yourself any of these questions? What does this mean?

The concept of shopping in your closet is-? Know what you own,? Create options you love,? Wear what looks good & Makes you feel good,?and Add what you are missing.

Simply, it’s?seeing what you have, distinguishing what your patterns are,? coordinating items, and getting into action!

SUGGESTION:? Have a pen & paper ready to record your observations

It’s time to get into?your closet. If you can’t manage that, then you should clear a path into it, maybe with some professional help from an organizer!

1.?Observe it first. Then, if possible group like items together…pants with pants, sweaters with sweaters and so on.

2.?Notice how many of the same item you have in the same color( sound familiar!) Did you get them on sale? For example- Do you just like having 12blk turtlenecks? (couldn’t find them and purchased more?) Are they in your favorite color or colors?

3.?Next is to take an inventory of what’s in every category. First it’s a broad look. ?This will inform you of what’s missing. Also you are gathering information about your colors, styles you tend to buy, styles you prefer to wear, and the correct size that fits now! At this point, you can check sizes?and conditions of the garments. Pull out soiled, damaged, items for repair, outdated, and items you don’t feel good in and are the?incorrect size. Now is the time to purge and bag the items leaving your closet( if you haven’t done so already!)?Look for what stands out, like the items you like or?don’t like and?the items that fit. All the items you want from each category that remain will become your “core” wardrobe.

4. At this point you will?have noticed your buying patterns. Ask yourself questions, because this might help you to?reveal the “why’s” to what you have in your closet. Now you can make some conscious choices if you stay open to this exercise!

5. Now you can start coordinating outfits. You can split up sets and use items separately. You may have even purged a part of a set which is fine! If this isn’t your forte then you may need to hire some help from a wardrobe consultant/organizer(like myself!).

You can have alot of fun creating new outfits and blending pieces together. At this point you may need to list the colors or items missing for these coordinates. This will become your? new shopping list. You now have the insights on your buying habits and have some new fresh looks for the season. You also have cleared your closet space and?can practice staying organized.

Using this method will result in some new fresh looks for the season. Generally using items you already had that either you couldn’t see, find or realize could work with something else.This might improve your impulse buying!? Also another outcome of this will be,? that you have cleared your closet space and can practice staying organized!

Have some fun with this and let your creatives juices flow!!