When dressing, you want to be comfortable, and feel good inside & out! Clothes can be an expression of yourself or who you want to project yourself as. The seasons change, and give us a chance to look at what we have, and gain a new perspective. Some people have their off season clothes out of site. Especially those who do ,can look at what they have with enthusiasm since they have been out of view! I hear many times when working with clients, “Oh I forgot I had this, I love it, can’t wait to wear it!”

Think about your favorite colors that you look best in. Then, think about the colors that? look drab on you. Pull any tops or scarves in those drab colors out and please Giveaway, even if you love the style.? You know when you wear something in a color that doesn’t suit you and people remark you look tired, or not your best! Yet if the same color is on the bottom, in pants, skirts,? or leggings you can keep these. We then compliment them with a color on top that is vibrant and works with your complexion.? On the other hand, when you wear colors that compliment you, people notice and remark that you look alive, pretty, or some nice compliment.They may even notice your hair color or makeup. Also, if you are changing your hair color , keep in mind your colors may slightly change. You still need to wear colors that blend with your complexion as well. The drab items will be the start of a list of styles, and tops, & scarves that need replacing.

Mentally scan the bottoms you have and see what bottoms accentuate your lower half. If you’re not sure start trying them on. This will help eliminate what doesn’t fit or is not complimentary to your figure. *side note- If you can’t get into your closet or don’t. have room for your in season clothes, then CALL ME! You may need some closet organizing! You want clothes that flatter you.? Clothing you look & feel good in,? is the key!

Some people need assistance with this, then get help, it’s well worth your time and $. A professional, like myself in organization? and wardrobe consulting is the person you need.