“That which you cannot give away, you do not possess, it possesses You”

Ivern Ball

We feel attached to our “things”.The reason WHY varies.What matters most is how cripling?this is.?Sometimes to the point that it causes conflict. Especially with the people who live under the same roof .

Knowing you “feel” attached to something is your first awareness. Next consciously choosing a different action or reaction. This is simple but may be difficult to execute without support. How much does it cost you to stay attached? The cost or end result of these decisions wreck havoc on your physical wellbeing It stresses your interpersonal relationships and makes your living space not peaceful.

When all else fails ……………..Call an expert!

No matter what the dilemma or situation, having some professional help can springboard? you to a new level? or into a new direction. Valuing your time and realizing what you are truly capable of or what you have no interest in will be helpful to know first. ?Then you can decide what your next step is. ?If you realize you would benefit to have the help then Hire An Organizer. When organizing,??the typical process consists of:

Identifying what you have,? (whether there is clutter or not)

Making decisions on what’s important to you to?save, and purging the rest

Applying new habits

Re-Organizing the space

These steps are the standard in the process. It may be the time to check out the National Assoc. Of Prof. Organizers (www.napo.net) to find the right person that services your area. Keep in mind, you may have a budget BUT, it’s important to consider how long they have been doing this,? do they specialize in what you need and is their personality a good fit. If you think they meet this criteria, and you feel a trust with them then don’t let your budget steer you away. Remember, this is your life, your possessions and your personal space!