As a professional organizer for 10yrs, I have heard the cry for help constantly. What really does this mean? For many it means? frustration, non workability, and confusion.? In order to resolve this, the action of calling an organizer is the answer when crying out for help. Most want to learn the process of The How To’s and the To Do’s so they can help themselves. For others who have busy lives and are over committed with chores and responsibilities, they want more support than this. They want me to maintain and implement new ideas, and systems. I work both ways. Although there is a fine line! I CAN ONLY ASSIST in the process. It’s truly is a healing process on may levels for the individual besides what you see on the surface.? What appears on the outside sometimes is no indication of whats lurking below. An example is the not so organized room but the chaos in the drawers and closets, and places unseen at first glance.? The main rooms of a house, known as the public areas may look organized and show no signs of distress but the other areas more private may be haywire with clutter.

People can learn by being shown and not fully participating. BUT, the real healing is when they have the desire to tackle it with the help, and work in between visits on their own! As the clearing occurs so does the mental outlook and the chains of the past loosen or go away. This happens either consciously or unconsciously. This becomes apparent by “AHA” moments, changes in thinking, and feelings of freedom.? Growth comes from the experience. So the gems surface- literally in lost treasures found or figuratively by a burst of happiness & freedom. Also a sense of more energy in the space which creates feelings of peace. So by assisting people in this process they get the benefits they need, want or desire by the amount of willingness they have. The more one is open, courageous, and committed the more inner growth and harmony will result. Take the plunge, and you won’t look back because what you gain will resolve the past and clear your path for a new journey!

*Studies indicate an organized home is 40% easier to maintain.