An organized person asked me, Why do people procrastinate with their clutter? For some it’s not an easy task as it is for others. There are many reasons & factors. As we know, as human beings, we all deal with our own unique challanges.
People procrastinate because of many reasons. One being that either their partner or whom ever is in the household may not be organized, therefore leaving all the chores on them. After awhile the organized person may give up inorder to keep peace or because they don’t want to do it all!

Another reason is time, the lack of it. People will find more interesting things to do with their time. Unless they hire a professional organizer who will engage them in the task, or will do an ongoing maintenance program for them.

Also not having systems in place, or systems that aren’t working will keep people in procrastination.

Whether it’s because one person is organized in a household and the others aren’t, (which can sabotage the person’s efforts), or it’s due to brain functions that make organizing more difficult. Some people just haven’t learned the “skill” in their lives.

In summary- Prioritizing the time to do it, nonsupportive house mates, a lack of creative solutions, ADD or ADHD tendancies, depression,and others can cause procrastination. So, what is one person’s strength or gift is another’s weakness.

We must learn tolerance for one another and accept what is, and instead of complaining, Just lend a helping hand!!!