After many days of working with this particular client, I was inspired to write this.
We don’t just acquire our own possessions, but others! What do I mean by this? As family members age, or loss occurs, sooner or later boxes of other’s belongings appear under your roof. I’ve seen boxes enough to fill a room or take over one’s household. If you don’t prepare yourself, your “home sweet home” will start looking and feeling like a storage locker. Not only do you inherit the boxes but the emotional baggage that comes with it also. Usually containing a lot of unresolved feelings.
Inorder to keep your stress level down, action & diligence are needed. If you aren’t already organized in your living space, then NOW is the time! If you don’t know how or where to start, call a professional organizer. Also you may need a professional to help you sort out your feelings that surface from attaining these boxes & the contents. The key, is not to wait too long to start this process because it will suck your life energy and the energy flow in your home.
My purpose for this blog is to be thought provoking. To inspire you to keep your living space organized so when the unexpected happens you are ready and prepared. Prepared to take on other’s-” stuff” and do what needs to be done. You don’t need to be overwhelmed by your own things especially at this time.