New Year’s has come and gone. We start to settle into our old routines now that the holiday madness is over.
No more excuses to stop you from organizing the areas that need it, or piles unattended to.
So, you have been telling yourself, your family household, your friends and whom ever, that you will be on top of your clutter & disorganization. Infact that was your New Year’s resolution for 2012!!! In just 3 days these thoughts have disappeared from your mind!
Sound familiar? Well maybe some support would do the trick, and get you on track.
Enroll at least 1 person, in to this commitment with you. Either an organizer, or someone who will keep you accountable for your actions. If this person isn’t a professional organizer then they must stay nuetral in their opinions and keep them silent. Their role is to motivate, keep you on task, encourage, and give you a pat on the back as needed! Start with a game plan to navigate. Look at the big picture, then break it down room by room. Or by order of importance. Look at the areas that irritate you the most. Rate them, the obvious ones should be handled first. Set aside time in your schedule, to accomplish some tasks. Try 3-4hr. session increments if highly motivated,or a 2hr.session if less motivated. If you have any attention issues, this will be challenging.(I suggest a coach for this kind of issue).
Start with 1 session a week. You can rest assured that you are keeping your resolution if you have followed these instructions!
If you stumble, just restart the process.
Good Luck!