The holidays are approaching and I have a suggestion! It is to give gifts from your own supply. Being in so many households over the years, I have seen so many wrapped gifts lying around. People have good intentions with gift giving, and yet they never leave the house!. I also have created and organized many “gift areas”. People love shopping and getting bargains. Before long I see gifts getting stock piled. With this holiday season coming, maybe it’s time to start a new habit. First , if you don’t have gifts corralled in 1 area then do so. This will keep you aware of your inventory. Next, include the gifts that are wrapped that were never given away. As well as the gifts you received that were unliked or unwanted. “Re- gifting” gives it a way for others to enjoy it versus being hidden in a pile somewhere taking up valuable space. Yes, the friend or relative might not understand this logic but they don’t have to know! Just don’t re-gift it back to them unless they would appreciate this gesture, or find humor in it. Consider not spending anymore of your hard earned dollars in the stores this year. Just start to clear out what you already have. The season of giving is here , so do your part. To clear your living space will free you up, lighten your spirit and put smiles on the faces of the people receiving the gifts.