What are you waiting for? The mounds of clothing have become mountains, the piles have toppled over, and you can’t even face looking at this mess! You say it’s time to do something about this. Yet years have passed,and the dust is settling. If you know instinctively, that you can’t do this alone then the time has come to get help.

Think about this…. If you ate and ate and kept filling yourself with food , you would eventually not feel well. And if you got to this point and didn’t release anything naturally, you would be all stopped up! Uncomfortable, stuck, and ill. This metaphor is an example of what happens with you and your belongings. For example, You acquire clothes continually. You keep buying and buying. You run out of space, and hence the mountains soon appear. Yet you keep bringing more into the space but nothing leaves it! The energy , the physical space and you are stuck.

When the seasons change, it’s a good practice to look at what you have and let go of the clothes that don’t fit, look worn, need major repair, were on sale, a great buy and you dislike, what was I thinking purchases, no longer feel right in them, and are out of fashion. Some people have the ritual of moving out of season clothes into other areas. Whether you change your closets in the fall and spring, it’s time to make space. As you release, you generally feel lighter, and your closet can function better for you.

I believe the energy becomes Unstuck, and this allows for changes to occur. Miracles can show up now, and your dreams are no longer dreams. I see this everyday in working with people. Get help if you are not disciplined to do this on your own. What you will spend will be much more gratifying to you and your life, rather than another shoe, jean, dress, etc., purchase.


” Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows”
Pope Paul VI