Everyday that?I interact with people who are in need of organizational help, I hear the same message. When their home isn’t peaceful, or a place to retreat to,?or a safe haven anymore I get a call. They describe feelings of shame, distress, self doubt, low self esteem, loneliness, and frustration to name a few. These feelings aren’t?who they are, or who they have become. Clutter can’t take away your “Greatness” as a person!

I immediately want to assist people in seeing for themselves that the disorganized mess they?have can?be rectified with effort and commitment. After listening to their tale, ?I usually hear some version of life wasn’t always this way for me! Or my space used to be……… Look??at the?other areas of your life that are working for you.?Look at what you have accomplished, when you felt at peace in your space, when it was working, or when you had routines that gave you the results you wanted.

My purpose in writing this blog is for people to take stock of the positives, and their?accomplishments. To remind themselves that all??this can change.?Especially, the Self doubt, Shame, Loneliness, and Low Self-Esteem can disappear.?They disappear as?quick as the clutter if you are willing to LET IT GO! Just because you may be feeling these feelings doesn’t mean it is so. The clutter does not define who we are.?One key is to have Patience with yourself. Sometimes, life’s situations get in the way.?Like ?family members moving back into your home, illness, a change in?work hours or working from home, and?family needs changing, are a few examples. Or things just become unmanageable temporarily.? Change is a constant. Remember, you can physically clear your clutter and clear the mind chatter. And in the process remember your “Greatness”!